Animal Bedding

Hemp Bedding Benefits


  • Less Work and time!

    • One of the most absorbent animal beddings on the market,  2x more absorbent than straw or pine shavings

    • Higher salvage rate, since it is an industrial absorbent (absorbs 4x its weight), saving time and money


  • Hemp's absorbency and material characteristics help trap ammonia and unwanted smells 


  • Unlike some pine pellets and wood shavings, hemp has minimal dust, which is good for all animals and in particular for horses and owners with respiratory and allergy problems


  • Urine spots do not spread like pine shavings or straw 


  • More comfortable and softer, so animals are more likely to lay down, achieving full sleep cycles


  • High thermal rating, keeping animals warmer while they sleep


  • Biodegradable and all-natural


  • Chemical free


  • More renewable than timber products (pine pellets, shavings, and sawdust)


  • Decomposes faster and is less acidic than pine pellets, sawdust, or wood shavings

Hemp has thousands of earth-friendly and human-friendly uses, some of which we will be adding to our website as we develop our product range.  Every time we discover something else which can be made of hemp we get excited! 


Our animals are benefitting from hemp also.  Extremely high quality, natural, environmentally friendly animal bedding is something basic and obvious to produce from hemp stalk material.  Here we have summarised the amazing advantages of choosing hemp animal bedding for our large and small animals.

Large Animal Bedding

120 Litre bales of hemp hurd.

Suitable for all large animals;

horses, cows, sheep, goats. 

It is excellent for use in chicken coops, including deep litter systems and works very well as a kitty litter.

Not available.

Stock will be available from this years harvest in October.

Small Animal Nesting Bedding

20L bags of a mixture of hemp fibre and hurd.

There is a higher percentage of fibre which is ideal for small nesting animals such as rabbits, gerbils, guinea pigs, mice, rats and birds. The lengths of fibre are a perfect insulating and absorbent material that hold their shape to create nests and tunnels.

Not available.

Stock will be available from this years harvest in October.

For unpackaged bulk amounts please contact us through the form below.

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